The Last Egg hunt (as a 6-year-old)




Eyes darting

For the prize plastic eggs

Scooping up piles



Hershey Kisses


Laffy Taffy

And then –

a small boy

Grabs your basket

Dumps it forcefully

You reach for it


but then you meet his eyes

He’s different

Doesn’t know better

You meet my eyes

And I know

That you know

To breathe

And be patient.



no more empty threats

i told you

no riding electric scooters

without me or Dad

and you watched

your sister get in trouble

then today

you couldn’t resist



so why do

i feel like the one

who’s grounded?

The phone interview

pexels-photo.jpgMy first phone interview

No faces

(but they couldn’t see mine either)

No notetaking

that I could see

No puzzled looks

No enthusiastic nods

No handshakes

No bottles of water

No list of questions I could peruse beforehand

No list taped on the table in front of me.

But I blindly

put forth my best effort

tried not to go on tangents

and bird walks

tried to answer calmly yet thoroughly


my voice

my reasoning

my experience

translated honestly.


Wedding Dress confession


pexels-photo-540522.jpegI have a confession

I gave away my

wedding dress

to Goodwill last summer.

Stuffed it in a large garbage bag

and didn’t shed a tear of remorse

I never liked it

The sinister way

it emphasized my bosom as if

I wore  a 1950’s

“over the shoulder

boulder holder”


And my Spanx – oh no,

did me no favors

beneath the cheap white linen

creased  and bunched

unflattering midriff

like my Grandmother

not like a younger bride

So I gave it to Goodwill

Did not save it for my daughter

This was a “casual linen A-Line dress”

From Talbots

Not an heirloom

In fact


I’d like a do over.









pexels-photo-908970.jpegWe’re going on a walk

to the park and back

“Can we ride bikes?”

” Can we ride scooters?”

I don’t care

but I’m walking while you ride

I need the exercise

I need to forget the frustrating day I’ve had

Liberated from all electronics

We left in the wind and cold

walked through the park gate


It slams behind us and I flinch

still have some residual stress of school day

He’s on his BMX bike

weaving in and out and around

She brings her basketball

and we pass while we walk

Bounce pass

Chest pass

Pass in front

Pass behind

We stroll near the Master Gardener’s P-Patch

A gentleman and his border collie

are replacing raspberries

with lettuce starts

We see the 3 year old neighbor and her exhausted mom

chasing her in the playground

around the slide

around the swings

It’s almost time for dinner

We end up at the swings

My children are 6 and 8

but they still ask me

to push them

so I do.

Too fast

I gave away

more  of her


this morning

She tried on dresses


twirling skirts

and bright colored


that fit her in October

But are too short,

too tight,

borderline inappropriate

in March.

I’m going to miss the chartreuse peacock dress


the leopard print jumper

the most.

I’m not ready

for women’s sizes

when she’s

not even


Goodbye Geoffrey Giraffe

That feeling you get when you realize

Your babies are over a stage

You were just learning to appreciate…

Today it was a walk through a sad

Toys R Us close out

With a paperboard cut out of Geoffrey Giraffe available for “Selfies”

along with 60% off

All items

(Including the white metal shelving and displays)

Paw Patrol

La la loopsy

Doc Mcstuffins

Peppa Pig


My Little Pony

Lightning McQueen

All gone.